Kelsey Park is a public park in Beckenham in the borough of Bromley, Greater London. It historically formed the landscaped park of the Kelsey Manor Estate.


Sunday 28th April 6am Meet at the Post Box by the Park gates halfway down Manor Way.

To coincide with International Dawn Chorus Day (almost!), the Friends of Kelsey Park are hosting a Dawn Chorus walk around the park.

This is a rare opportunity for you to come into the park earlier than normal, and to see and hear the birds as they wake.

The walk will begin from the Information Centre, so please meet us by the gate on Manor Way (near the post box) where we will let you into the park. Please arrive on time as the gates will be locked once the group set off.

The event is free, but donations gratefully received.

Spring Bat Watch, Saturday, 11 May 2019 from 20:30-22:00

Hosted By Friends of Kelsey Park

The event is ticketed, and only those who purchase tickets will be allowed in. There are just 30 tickets for sale.

Tickets will go on sale in the next week or two, and will be announced shortly.

Prices are the same as previous years:

Members: £1 single adult/child. £3 for 2x adults and 2x children, or 1x adult and 3x children.

Non members: £3 single adult. £2 single child. £8 for 2x adults and 2x children, or 1x adult and 3x children.

Saturday 6th July, from 11am - 5pm - 'Music In The Park'.

KELSEY PARK Facilities

Heron Watch

Friends of
Kelset Park



Cafe and
Snack Bar

Kelsey Park Cafe Snack Bar


Kelsey Park Cafe Snack Bar


Kelsey Park Cafe Snack Bar


Kelsey Park Cafe Lake


There are 7 entrance gates 2 in Wickham Road. 3 in Manor Way, Stone Park Avenue and Court Downs Road

KELSEY PARK Opening times

Monday to Friday         07.30 am
Saturday, Sunday         09.00 am
Bank Holidays              09.00 am

KELSEY PARK Closing times

January                       5:00pm
February                     6:00pm
March                         6:30pm
April                            8:30pm
May                             9:30pm
June                           9:30pm
July                             9:30 pm
August                       9:00pm
September                 8:00pm
October                      7:00pm
November                  5:00pm
December                  4:30pm


Toliets are behind the cafe (see map).


The park we know and enjoy today was opened almost 100 years ago in  1913, but its’ history can be traced back as far as the 12th Century when the Kelsey area was owned by the Lord of the Manor of Beckenham.

It is popularly believed that the beginnings of the Kelsey Estate originate from 1408 when William Kelsiulle was granted a lease of two meadows where he built a house close to the lower waterfall.

In 1472 William Brograve took over the estate, which remained in his family for the next 200 years until 1688 when it passed into the Burrell family.  William Brograve made various improvements during his tenure including the addition of an Oratory or Chapel in 1479 after being granted a licence by the Bishop of Rochester.

Four generations of the Burrell family lived there over the following 130 years until it passed briefly to Edward Gross Smith in 1820 and then on to the Hoare family in 1835. The estate had undergone extensive landscaping during this period (reportedly by the well known designer Repton) and stretched out over more than 3,000 acres as far as Elmers End. The upper lake mansion house was also constructed then.  However, the first mansion had fallen into disuse by the turn of the 19th Century and was demolished, as there was no mention of it in the sale papers in 1820.

The Hoare family were the owners from 1835 until 1909  (Hoare banking family). During this time they made a number of improvements to the estate, including building two lodges, a cottage hospital, fire station and a chapel. 

After Charles Hoare (3rd generation) inherited the estate he set up stagecoach services between Beckenham and Sevenoaks and enjoyed driving the horses himself. He was a good cricketer (like his father before him) and with HG Wells’ father as coach was selected to play for Kent. By the mid-1890s Charles had lost interest in the estate and leased it out as a convent. Upon his death in 1909 Kelsey was sold. 

The original intention was to build a prestigious gated housing estate, but the owner of the Beckenham Journal, Tom Thornton, ran a successful campaign for Beckenham Council to buy the estate. They purchased 21 acres and set up the park. The Opening Ceremony took place on 31 May 1913.


KELSEY PARK Information Centre

Kelsey Park Information Centre
Opening Hours

Weekends and Bank Holidays.

Summer months 2pm - 4pm
Winter months    1:30pm - 3:30pm

Check map for location


Opening times.

Weekends and School Holiday 11am - Dusk

Adults £3.50
Children/Disabled £3.00
Senior Citizen £2.50

07981 822 364

07885 849 016 / 07885 828 059

Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Check map for location

KELSEY PARK Aerial Photos
by Darren Widdis


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